For Sale By Owner Tips

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How Smartphones can be used for real time social media updates and market research to sell my home fast.

Smartphone Technology

It’s the age of the smartphone, which means those days are in the past where an expert is needed to fix a car or cook a gourmet meal.  Real estate sales are no exception to these easing of the trends. Now, within the confines of one’s own home,  I can sell my house without a realtor, saving big money in commissions, with the bulk of the traditional work being done on my own from my own computer. There are certain procedures needed to ensure success and help smooth the transition in transferring ownership of property.


Figuring Out Financial Positioning


The financial standing of a homeowner will determine the angle needed in how the home will be marketed. If there is less pressure to sell because of ample sources of capital, then a relaxed top dollar price can be sought and obtained. Oftentimes, it might be necessary to sell my house fast because of job transfer or looming financial pressure. In any financial situation called for, the price must be chosen and that home should be listed online. There are many listing services available, like MIBOR, which operates locally in Indianapolis.


The Effect of Local Marketing Position


Correctly pricing your home will be easier if you look at the local marketing conditions. Are homes selling quickly in a given neighborhood, or do properties tend to stand unoccupied for extended periods of time? Offers given quickly after freshly listing indicate positive expectations on behalf of potential sellers in the area. Homes that have been on the market for longer periods indicate conditions where more aggressive sales pricing or marketing might be required. Pay close attention to the current trends while listing your home to expedite the marketing period.


Show Your Home


Whatever the position, always have that home ready for viewing. Look for ways to enhance curb appeal and keep the home looking fresh for that unexpected buyer. Homes that look fresh, uncluttered and clean help potential buyers visualize themselves in the home. Have an open house, serve refreshments, and have a fun door prize available to give extra incentive to  potential buyers to walk through your home. Be available to answer questions and ask potential buyers questions to help them with their decision making.


Utilize Social Media


People often avoid using social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to promote their home sales because of wariness of offending people or fear of being perceived as pushy. Productive use of social media can effectively encourage sales specifically in the for sale by owner category by being strategic in its use. Never spam these social media outlets with full size ads, but just mention what you have. A good example to follow, using less than 140 characters, would be to mention “I am moving due to a job offer in St. Louis, so I need to sell my house in Indianapolis. If you know anyone looking for a great home, please send them my way.” Then, post the link to a website with pictures and all the selling points of the home. It is definitely the trend to keep friends and family informed of what is going on and selling your own home on your own media page is part of that.


Look For Professional Investors
Sometimes, people might want to sell their home quickly without all the headaches of dealing with actually listing their property or keeping the property maintained or advertising. This is where professional investors can come in and make a fair offer with the home as-is, whether it is in show condition or if it is in less than stellar condition with many looming problems. Solid Rock Houses is an Indianapolis based investment company that has information about conditions listed in this article  about how selling to a home investor can help solve a lot of problems without involving a real estate agent.