4 Tips To Help Sell Your House Fast When Relocating

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You’re eager to find the home of your dreams, move to a new neighborhood, and make a fresh start –  but before you do, you have to take care of one crucial detail: selling your home. Before you stress out too much about time and money, take a step back and think strategically about your home. By taking just a few simple steps, you can set your home up to show well and get offers in quickly. We’ll tell you everything you need to know to sell your home fast when you have to relocate.

How To Attract Buyers To Your House

  1. Get the Price Right

The easiest way to have your house sit on the market for months is to overprice it. Unfortunately, you can’t base your sales price on how much you paid for the home, or how much profit you need to help you relocate. Instead, you have to look at comparable homes that have sold recently in your neighborhood. A professional real estate agent can help you do this, but you can also get an idea of price range on your own. Websites like Zillow allow you to view geographic areas on a map, with the option to only seeing homes that have already sold. Check for properties that are of similar size and have the same type of upgrades. You can see how long it took other homes to sell as well as the history of how high or low the price started. Next, look at current listings near you to see what your competition looks like. All the better for you if they’re overpriced, because you can price your home lower and get Indianapolis home buyers to potentially enter into a bidding war over your property. You always want to list your home in a way that is financially comfortable to you, but you also have to look at the current market to make sure your asking price is realistic.

  1. Make Your Home Show-Ready

You don’t necessarily need to perform a bunch of upgrades to your home, but there are a few basic measures you should complete to make it look as polished as possible. On the outside of the home, get the siding power washed, keep the yard raked and mowed, and clean out the gutters. Inside, be sure to deep clean the carpet, freshen up grout work in the kitchen and bathrooms, and declutter the living spaces. It goes without saying that you should always keep your home clean and orderly so you can be prepared for a last minute showing. That means no laundry piles (dirty or clean) and no dishes in the sink! It might be a lot of work, but it will make buyers more likely to love your home and bid high.

  1. Take Picture-Perfect Photos

The majority of real estate traffic comes from the Internet, whether from listing websites or custom-tailored email from agents. That means the quality of your home’s photographs can immediately set you apart from the hundreds of other Indianapolis listings — or, conversely, cause you to blend in. Stand out from the crowd by taking professional-quality photos of your house. You don’t need an expensive camera; in fact, many phones these days have great cameras built in, plus easy-to-use editing software to really make your pictures pop. Don’t forget to showcase the special aspects that make your home unique, like the stone fireplace or outdoor hot tub. Also make sure you get a breathtaking shot of the front of your home to use as the first picture of your listing. That’s the one that urges homebuyers to click.

  1. Write a Stellar Home Description

Your photos have gotten buyers to click on your listing, but how do you get them to schedule an appointment? Start with a killer description of your home’s amenities and neighborhood. Use descriptive words and be sure to mention information buyers won’t find elsewhere on the listing. Did you replace the roof in the last few years? Are your local schools highly ranked? Get creative and let buyers know exactly what life is like where you live, and why your home is a good investment. If you can demonstrate those two things, there’s not reason they won’t schedule a viewing.

Selling your home doesn’t need to be a daunting or overwhelming task, especially if you’re relocating to another area. Give yourself the energy to focus on your future, rather than your past. It’s easy to do when you sell your house quickly by following these simple steps.

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