6 Landscaping Ideas to Wow Potential Buyers

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Check out this week's blog about how to use landscaping to help sell your house quickly and wow buyers.

Curb Appeal Is Key To Selling Your House Fast

As important as it is to put on a good presentation inside your home when it’s on the market, it’s also important to make sure the outside looks just as good. Many real estate agents encourage potential buyers to drive by listings they like online before they even schedule a viewing. That means your home needs to look welcoming and appealing from the outside pretty much all the time. Here are our top six landscaping ideas to wow potential buyers no matter when they come to look at your home.


  1. Keep It Neat

When selling your home, you unfortunately don’t have the luxury of waiting to take care of your lawn. A well-manicured lawn won’t necessarily impress potential buyers, but an overgrown, weedy expanse will certainly drive them away. So make sure you consistently mow the grass and get rid of any debris such as leaves or fallen branches. You should also power wash the siding and clean out your gutters as soon as they look like they’re overflowing. Taking care of these details outside make buyers think you take the same care of things on the inside, enticing them to place an offer on your home.


  1. Establish an Outdoor Living Space

Thinking of your outdoor space as an extension of your home is another landscaping idea that will attract potential buyers to your property. Even if you’re not an outdoorsy person, stage the outside so that others can see the many ways they can utilize the space. Place comfortable chairs on the front porch, or an inviting dining table on the back deck. If you don’t have any, search online ads such as Craigslist for temporary stand-ins. Fire pits and grilling equipment also demonstrate the home’s potential as a great place to entertain.


  1. Choose Your Plants Widely

Plants are attractive, but you also don’t want to scare away potential buyers who lack a green thumb. But there are still easy ways to freshen up your yard with a few select plants that feel welcoming but not intimidating. You don’t have to break the bank by filling out your landscaped areas with mature plants. Choose some seasonal annuals in pots to brighten up the entryway, then use low-maintenance plants for any other empty spots. Hardy evergreens are always easy, as are bulb plants such as hostas, tulips, and daffodils. For a dramatic effect, plant a climbing rose bush near a fence or arch; pick one that grows quickly and blooms throughout the season for ongoing charm.


  1. Create a Warm Ambience with Lighting

Outdoor lighting can make any potential buyer immediately feel welcome, especially if they’re coming to view your home at dusk. The easiest way to create a stately effect with lighting is with simple solar light stakes. Use them to line the path to the front door, giving a warm impression before even entering the home. If you have a little more time, install a few up-lights in the ground that shine on the front of your house. This automatically makes your home stand out among many.


  1. Implement a Water Feature

There’s nothing more relaxing than enjoying a warm evening outside with the soft trickle of a waterfall, or watching the moon’s reflection in a small pond. Indianapolis buyers appreciate a lovely water feature when house hunting, but there are a few guidelines you should bear in mind. First, keep it simple: anything too elaborate might appear overwhelming or even gaudy. On that same note, integrate your water feature into the rest of the yard so it looks natural. Similarly, be mindful of size: if you have a small yard, don’t go too big. The entire yard is meant to be the main attraction, after all.


  1. Provide a Path to Follow

Now that you’ve added all this amazing landscaping features, make sure the buyer sees them. A few strategically placed paths show visitors where to go to find the next surprise. This is especially helpful – and attractive – if you have a large yard. From tucked away benches under a beautiful tree to that hidden waterfall around a corner, paths encourage buyers to stroll through your yard, rather than just glance at it from the porch. Slate or brick are excellent choices, but you can also create an equally stunning look with some simple pea gravel. Anything to make a potential buyer want to stay increases the chance of an offer.


With an ever-strengthening real estate market in Indianapolis, it’s important for sellers to make their homes stand out from the crowd. Adding in some breathtaking landscaping features is the perfect way to set an amazing first impression and have buyers lining up at the door.


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