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Tips for Keeping Your House Safe

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As a home cash buyer, we often hear horror stories about landlords with vacant properties who had to pay thousands of dollars in additional repairs due to break-ins and theft; in other cases, the owner may not have had a homeowner’s insurance policy to protect their property from mother nature.  Whether it is protection from natural disaster, criminal activity, or accidents, there are steps that can be taken to keep

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For Sale By Owner Tips

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  It’s the age of the smartphone, which means those days are in the past where an expert is needed to fix a car or cook a gourmet meal.  Real estate sales are no exception to these easing of the trends. Now, within the confines of one’s own home,  I can sell my house without a realtor, saving big money in commissions, with the bulk of the traditional work being

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Ready To Sell Your Rental Property? How To Know If It’s The Right Move For You

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As a real estate investor, you more than likely entered the arena of real estate for one reason and one reason only: to make a profit on your investment. Whether you own just a handful of rentals or a large portfolio, the goal to earn positive cash flow is the same. What happens though when month in and month out, you continue to see your profits plummet? In that case, it

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4 Things to Consider When Selling Your House to Cash Home Buyers

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Selling your house for cash is appealing to many people because it is quick, simple, and reduces the hassle of dealing with a typical real estate transaction – but an all-cash offer might not be for everyone. What’s best for you depends on your individual circumstances. To help you make the best decision, we’ve compiled four things to consider when selling your home to a cash home buyer. Ready to

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Six Reasons to Sell Your Rental Property in 2016

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Selling Your Rental Home Whether you pay someone to manage your rentals or deal with your tenants all on your own, the landlord business does not come without hassle. Even if you’re making a profit on the property, it may not amount to much when you break it down based on the hours you spend fielding questions and repairs. Combine that with a seller-friendly real estate market in Indianapolis, and it

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The Six Best Home Improvements

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Whether you’re preparing to upgrade your own home, rehab an investment property  or remodeling your rental property, be sure to consider more than just your personal tastes.  Since most of the houses we buy in Indianapolis typically need a substantial amount of work, it’s imperative we keep the rehab costs in mind when we make our purchases.  While we don’t do a lot of the rehabbing ourselves, we understand the

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How to Undergo a Renovation With Tenants In Place

Posted on: November 1st, 2015 by , 3 Comments

Learning how to undergo a renovation with tenants in place can be tricky.  After all, it’s never easy to find a convenient time to undergo repairs or renovations to a rental property while it is occupied. Many landlords prefer to wait until a tenant moves out to lessen the hassle, but even this timing can be difficult to navigate. In fact, a 2014 Housing Report by the Indiana Business Research

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8 Features Indianapolis Renters Look For

Posted on: September 30th, 2015 by , 3 Comments

Owning an investment property can be a great way to earn extra income Catering to your market is key when trying to rent an investment property.  Understanding just some of the top features that most renters look for when choosing a property can help you tailor your property to appeal to the widest audience possible. Read on to find out what exactly renters hope to see when they come to

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Indianapolis Real Estate Market: Hot for Sellers and Landlords

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                                  Current Market Trends for Sellers Indianapolis Real Estate Market:  Hot for Sellers and Landlords:  The summer of 2015 started off with a bang for the Indianapolis real estate market. In fact, research from the Metropolitan Indianapolis Board of Realtors shows a 5.3% increase in the median sales price in June alone. While new

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7 Signs You’re Ready to Sell Your Investment Property

Posted on: August 9th, 2015 by , 2 Comments

    Owning a rental property has a lot of perks, the best being that regular income each month with a minimal amount of time and effort. But while this scenario is theoretically the ideal for landlords, it’s not always the reality. From problem tenants to lack of cash flow, there are several reasons why it’s often a good idea to sell. Think you might be ready to take the

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Landlords: Are Tenants Not Paying? Ready to Retire? We Can Help!

Posted on: June 20th, 2015 by , 2 Comments

How We Help Landlords This is a picture of a house we bought not too long ago. This seller was a landlord who was nearing retirement age and was ready to sell the house and wanted all cash and called us for help. We hear so many terrible stories from landlords about tenants not paying rent, or how a tenant is causing damage to the property. In this case, the tenant

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