Why Every Motivated Seller Should Stage Their Home

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Learn how to stage a home for sale in Indianapolis.

Living Room in a home in Indianapolis.

The growing trend in the real estate industry is home staging. Staging a home isn’t just a matter of painting, repairing or cleaning a home but takes things a step further by giving a home a freshly designed look. Staging a home has been shown to help guide the potential buyer and actually help sell a house faster.

Emphasize Home Strengths

Perhaps a property has beautiful features like vaulted ceilings or full view glass windows. Staged properly, these home attributes can take a buyer and capture their attention as soon as they enter the home. If furniture and art and accessories are placed a certain way, then potential buyers can actually envision themselves living in these areas.

Beautify Less Attractive Areas

While staging a home, it has been shown that something like rearranging furniture in the home, whether by room or between rooms, can make a smaller home feel larger. Also, by solving lighting problems or adding accessories, cumbersome attributes like fireplaces can become items that can become a home’s selling point. A local professional home staging company  even rents furnishings that can help increase selling potential for a house in Indianapolis.

Increase Pool of Prospective Buyers

Investing time and money in staging a home has been shown to increase the amount of views from prospective buyers, as well as decrease the time on the market. This is very important to do even in vacant homes. Studies have also shown that staged homes actually sell for higher averages than comparable properties that are just listed.  Just as a homeowner should spend time painting, repairing and decorating to increase curb appeal, so should the homeowner stage the home. These steps only bring greater profit to both the seller and the buyer.

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