7 Tips To Sell Your House Fast This Winter

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While most real estate experts tout spring and summer as the best times for listing a home on the market, Hoosiers sometimes just can’t help listing their home in the winter. Perhaps you’re being relocated for your job, or you found the perfect new place for you and your family. Whatever your reason might be, we can help your house go from “For Sale” to “Sold” in no time. Selling

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8 Tips To Help You Lower Your Heating Bill

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Heating Your Home Doesn’t Have To Cost A Fortune It’s that time of year again: snowball fights, Super Bowl parties, and…sky-high heat bills. But that last one doesn’t have to outweigh the other things we love about winter. Whether your home is heated by gas or electricity, we’ve compiled some of the best tips for saving energy and keeping your heat bill as low as possible. Follow these simple steps

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New Year, New Budget: How to Make Your Financial Resolutions Stick in 2016

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  We all start off the New Year with lofty resolutions: getting fit, eating less, and saving more. You can achieve that last resolution without actually altering your daily life too much. By spending just a few minutes here and there, you’ll find easy ways to bulk up your savings accounts so you can achieve your financial dreams in 2016. Reassess Perform a “price check” on your major expenses. Check

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The Six Best Home Improvements

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Whether you’re preparing to upgrade your own home, rehab an investment property  or remodeling your rental property, be sure to consider more than just your personal tastes.  Since most of the houses we buy in Indianapolis typically need a substantial amount of work, it’s imperative we keep the rehab costs in mind when we make our purchases.  While we don’t do a lot of the rehabbing ourselves, we understand the

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How to Undergo a Renovation With Tenants In Place

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Learning how to undergo a renovation with tenants in place can be tricky.  After all, it’s never easy to find a convenient time to undergo repairs or renovations to a rental property while it is occupied. Many landlords prefer to wait until a tenant moves out to lessen the hassle, but even this timing can be difficult to navigate. In fact, a 2014 Housing Report by the Indiana Business Research

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8 Features Indianapolis Renters Look For

Posted on: September 30th, 2015 by , 3 Comments

Owning an investment property can be a great way to earn extra income Catering to your market is key when trying to rent an investment property.  Understanding just some of the top features that most renters look for when choosing a property can help you tailor your property to appeal to the widest audience possible. Read on to find out what exactly renters hope to see when they come to

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Indianapolis Real Estate Market: Hot for Sellers and Landlords

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                                  Current Market Trends for Sellers Indianapolis Real Estate Market:  Hot for Sellers and Landlords:  The summer of 2015 started off with a bang for the Indianapolis real estate market. In fact, research from the Metropolitan Indianapolis Board of Realtors shows a 5.3% increase in the median sales price in June alone. While new

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7 Signs You’re Ready to Sell Your Investment Property

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    Owning a rental property has a lot of perks, the best being that regular income each month with a minimal amount of time and effort. But while this scenario is theoretically the ideal for landlords, it’s not always the reality. From problem tenants to lack of cash flow, there are several reasons why it’s often a good idea to sell. Think you might be ready to take the

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Sell Before Summer is Over: Quick Tips for Showing Your Home

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  While the summer heat still feels sweltering, stores across the area are filling up with back-to-school gear reminding us that fall is just around the corner. This may seem like good news to parents with a house full of kids, but if you’re trying to sell your home or rental property, it means the clock is ticking to make that sale. But it’s not too late to spruce up

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Buying Or Renting – Which Is Better?

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Buying Or Renting – Which Is The Better Option? Everyone has struggled with this age-old question at some point in their lives, and Indianapolis residents are no different.  As the market in Indianapolis heats up, more and more Hoosiers are wondering if now is the time to move.  Since the decision to rent or buy is one of the biggest financial decisions you will ever make, it’s important to carefully

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Landlords: Are Tenants Not Paying? Ready to Retire? We Can Help!

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How We Help Landlords This is a picture of a house we bought not too long ago. This seller was a landlord who was nearing retirement age and was ready to sell the house and wanted all cash and called us for help. We hear so many terrible stories from landlords about tenants not paying rent, or how a tenant is causing damage to the property. In this case, the tenant

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What Is My House Really Worth?

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How To Find The Real Value of Your Property If you are thinking about moving this summer then listen up because this is for you!  If you want to sell your house fast then it’s crucial to know the true value of your property.  Many homeowners unintentionally place the listing price of their house too high.  The end result?  In some cases, homes that are overpriced sit on the market

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Selling Your House For Cash Can Be Easy

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AN EXAMPLE OF HOW WE’VE HELPED OTHERS In any given week, we tour homes that would be nearly impossible to sell on the open market. Whether it’s due to their size, their awkward layout, or the simple fact that thousands of dollars worth of repair need to be done, there are just some houses that would take months and months to sell on the open market. Some of the houses

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