The 5 Traits Every Good Real Estate Agent Should Have

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Qualities Of A Good Realtor

Whether you’re a buyer or seller in Indianapolis, the realtor you choose can make the process of buying or selling a home go much smoother. However, not every agent will be the right person for your situation. Choosing someone to work with for this important process is similar to hiring an applicant for a job. You should consider their qualifications and how they fit with your needs. Here are a few traits and qualities every good real estate agent should have.

  1. Local Real Estate Agents

It’s important to choose an agent who is familiar with the neighborhood where you want to live or where you’re selling your home. If  the agent has helped previous buyers and sellers in your location, they’ll know the market firsthand instead of relying on research and data. They understand the secrets to the neighborhood that you don’t find out unless you’ve been there. For the buyer, a local agent will be able to tell you about the coffee shop down the street or how the subdivision gets together once a year for a barbeque. For the seller, they could have leads on prospective buyers who are looking in the neighborhood.

  1. Experienced Realtors

While there’s nothing wrong with choosing a realtor who is new to the business, it often helps if the person has been through the process a few times. If you’re in a unique situation, this quality becomes even more important. For instance, select an agent experienced in foreclosures if you want to buy that type of house. If you have a home to sell with historical features, choose an agent with a record of selling your kind of property.

Don’t be afraid to ask about an agent’s track record. Find out how many homes they’ve sold or helped buyers purchase and how long the process typically takes. You want to work with someone who is knowledgeable with a successful track record.

  1. They are Good Communicators

The agent you select should be easily reached when you have a question or need help, and they should keep you updated throughout the process. Many agents answer through email or text messaging, so response time should be only a few hours at most. Time is critical in a home purchase or sale, and your agent must be reachable when you need them.

Another aspect of being a good communicator is having an agent who explains things to you in language you understand. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, especially if this is your first time through the process. Find out what terms mean and what the timeline is for certain tasks. You should feel confident in what’s happening based on your agent’s information.

  1. They Listen

Part of being a good communicator is listening, but this skill is particularly important. A good real estate agent hears what you mean as well as what you say. If a buyer finds something wrong with every property they visit with their agent, a true professional looks beyond the complaints to figure out what’s really missing. They listen to the comments as the person walks through the house, both good and bad, to help understand what the buyer truly wants.

Agents should spend the first part of your initial meeting together listening and getting to know you. Once they hear your comments and real estate goals, then they can make suggestions and recommendations. An agent who starts out with what they think about your situation probably isn’t someone you want to work with.

  1. The Agent Fits Your Personality

You’ll find many good real estate agents who are qualified and successful. But not all of those “good” agents will be right for you. Many times, it’s a combination of the above factors mixed with their individual personality which determines who is best for the job. If you have a laid-back attitude and like to take your time with decisions, you may need to work with someone who keeps you motivated and on your toes. On the other hand, a client with a driven personality who likes to jump into decisions may benefit from an agent who takes things more slowly.

Whether you’re selling your home in Indianapolis or purchasing a new property, the right agent can hugely impact how successful you are. At Solid Rock Houses, we can represent both types of clients. Alternatively, we also have the ability to purchase your home with all cash if you prefer working without an agent.

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